Presenting the very best of clean air, nature, quaint streets, and a pioneering heritage. Once the Iberian Peninsula’s leading health sanctuary, Caramulo is still sought for its healing air and idyllic mountain setting—even more relevant in a post-covid world. With its preserved heritage in the arts, craftsmanship, and the renowned automobile museum which houses some of the most important cars in world history, Caramulo is one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Besides the dazzling scenery, acclaimed museums and historical importance, Caramulo today holds Portugal’s biggest automobile festival. It alone attracts well over 40,000 people a year. The town is an irresistible magnet for developers because of its diverse portfolio of properties, amenities, and future-ready infrastructure. Work is already underway on the development of the Caramulo Experience Centre—a state of the art facility for automotive restoration and education.

2020 celebrates 100 years since founder, Jerónimo Lacerda realised his illustrious dream of a resort to eradicate tuberculosis. To celebrate, the current generation is poised to transform Caramulo into a prominent example of sustainability—in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals. We aim to attract a diverse population from different walks of life—including healthcare, academia, arts, creatives, adventure tourists, outdoor lovers, petrol-heads and digital nomads.

There are a number of very attractive tax incentives on offer to develop Caramulo. Plus, we can work with you or offer turnkey investment-ready ventures; underpinned by sound commercial insight—all you have to do is press play. 


Beyond the fresh air

Caramulo’s unmatched air quality, quaint streets, and untouched forests provide an excellent quality of life; but that’s only half the story. To complete the story, you need first class infrastructure, proximity to schools, jobs, amenities, and transport hubs ... Here's the good news, we have those too!


Industry & commerce

There's a strong presence of global companies for sustainable employment; Eberspacher, Fresenius Kabi, Interecycling, Generg Power and Multiaves just to name a few. Additionally, with hundreds of  SMEs within a stone's throw across diverse sectors, Caramulo is set to prosper into the future.


Modern infrastructure

High-speed broadband & fiber internet | Strong mobile coverage |  Vast renewable wind energy network | Fresh mountain spring water supply |  Recycling facilities | Universities in Aveiro, Coimbra and Viseu | Tondela hospital 20 minutes away | Local primary and secondary schools in safe walking distance.


Location is everything

Caramulo is centrally located with excellent transport links | Porto, Coimbra, Viseu are reached in an hour | Only 85km from Porto international airport | Viseu aerodrome for national flights | National bus links in Tondela and Viseu | Santa Comba Dão train station is 35mins | 2.5 hours' drive to Salamanca in Spain.


Events in Caramulo

Caramulo holds Portugal's biggest motor sport event, there's the famous Rampa do Caramulo hill climb, a gastronomy festival, contemporary art exhibitions in our historic and unique art gallery, as well as quarterly exhibitions in the museum. There is plenty of capacity to manage the 40,000 strong crowds who visit the festivals each year.


Nature lifestyle

There are ample lifestyle activities for those who live here and those who visit. With miles of walking tracks,  secret view points, nearby river beaches, water holes, waterfalls, thermal baths, the famous Camino de Santiago, mountain biking, paragliding, canyoning, bouldering, climbing,  the epic Ecopista do Dao and much much more.


The urban fix

For those who like their urban fix, the ease with which you can change from the rural to urban setting is a huge plus.  There are shopping malls, theaters, cinemas, high streets shops, big sporting arenas, diverse restaurants, fast food, night clubs, bars, and all the things needed to satisfy the city cruiser.


What's on our horizon

Some things are just made for one another. The beauty of Caramulo, its location, and incredible assets fit snuggly together with some exciting growth markets. We’ve identified some of the key markets. Even better than that, we already have some turnkey developments in these areas which are ready to go!


Adventure tourism

Our secret natural paradise is ripe for the right types of eco-tourism activities—especially given the fact that our annual footfall goes well over 50,000. On top of that, nature-based tourism is one of the mainstays of the region and is very well supported by government funding. We have developed an exciting turnkey project in this sector with huge appeal and ROI.


Health and wellness

Fresh mountain air at 800m above the sea, soothing summer sun, healing spring waters, and a legacy of healthcare makes Caramulo the perfect spot for holistic wellness activities. In a post-Covid-19 world, attention will undoubtedly be drawn to the importance of health and immunity—and EU healthcare funding set to respond favourably. This is one of the areas in which we are currently developing a turnkey project.


Creative hubs

As more people move to self-employment and decentralised incomes, they need a place to apply their trades. The growth of working hubs, digital-nomadism, and the collaborative work-scape has been global. There are no better structures to accommodate such hubs than the multi-space architecture of our old sanitoriums. EU smart village funding strongly encourages such ideas. This is another sector in which we are developing an exciting turnkey project to be implemented.


Senior village concepts

Very much aligned with the EU Smart Villages vision is how society integrates cutting edge elder care into communities. Caramulo can be a thriving spot for unique senior retirement village concepts which allow the elderly to participate in community life—our aged populations have a wealth of experience to offer us. We are currently developing a turnkey senior village concept which promotes youth and elderly interaction within the community.

nextgen Bugatti.jpg

Back to nature

There’s a growing population of millennials who value quality of life—craving the ability to swap between iPad and trowel, and to show their children that food doesn’t come from the fridge. The popularity of organic farm stays, farm-to-table experiences and permaculture holidays on Airbnb is a sure sign. Caramulo is the perfect place for green fingers—plus we have ample know-how to support ventures in this sector.


Immersive experiences

The things we value have changed, and more than anything today, we value experiences. Immersive adventures sell like hot cakes. From laser tag to epic live-action quests and experiential cinema, what used to be reserved for television entertainment has now been brought to the participating masses. We have the space, expertise and annual footfall to make such ventures a resounding success.


Development opportunities

With the extremely attractive tax benefits on offer by the Regional Council and likewise, the EU Smart Villages Fund, there really is no time like the present in Caramulo. Hidden among the tranquil mountain scenery are over 100 acres of real estate and properties ready for intervention. They include former sanitoriums, residential, commercial, and pavilion structures ideal for ventures both large and small.


Grande Sanatório

Formerly the flagship building of the legendary health resort, it takes center stage in the dazzling natural landscape. Covering a plot size of around 17000.sq.m, it boasts 5 floors; each with 2500.sq.m. The Grande Sanatório is ready and waiting for your grandest ideas.


There's plenty more to show you

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Our vision


Our vision for Caramulo is to

Work towards an integrated plan for the regeneration and redevelopment of the village, based on sustainability values, the connection with and preservation of the environment, promoting community living and a healthy lifestyle. 

We aim to attract a diverse population from different stages and walks of life; including healthcare, academia, arts, creatives, adventure tourists, outdoor lovers, petrol-heads and digital nomads.

We also aim to lead by example towards a Zero Waste Society; namely by promoting community development around its key concepts.

We are committed to aligning all our activities with the United Nations sustainable development goals for 2030.


Our assets and human capital


There's more to us than meets the eye

Beyond the real estate, tourism and historical legacy, we have partners and connections across a wide range of sectors. They are all excited to offer their expertise in the development of Caramulo. 

This includes strong communication channels with major stakeholders in local council, tourism board, local business, commercial and legal entities, and many more.

Strong recognition of the museum in the national contemporary art scene and international quality of its historical vehicle culture.

A diverse team of experts covering the fields of wellness, commerce, engineering, business development, marketing and plenty more.

Some of our experts can work with you or offer turn key investment ready ventures; underpinned by sound business planning—all you have to do is press play.


More on Caramulo

A bit about where we've come from and where we're going


Breathe-taking scenery, a rich heritage and an ambitious but sustainable future

The story of Caramulo

Caramulo is so much more than a quaint village nestled in the heart of a dazzling natural landscape. It has a pioneering history shaped by Jerónimo Lacerda, a visionary doctor, who created the world-famous Estancia do Caramulo.

Founded in 1921 on the southern slopes of the Serra do Caramulo, it would become the leading health resort in the Iberian Peninsula. In its heyday, Caramulo had a total of 22 sanatoriums with some 1600 beds. Famous for its pure air and healing spring waters, Caramulo was at the forefront in the eradication of tuberculosis—a truly illustrious achievement.

The model town was one of the very first to integrate modern infrastructure which we take for granted today. It had a spring water supply system, electricity supply through a purpose-built dam, a sewage network, a wastewater treatment plant, waste collection systems, and a lot of recreational green areas as never seen before.

Caramulo’s forward-thinking planners employed a new generation of architects who turned the town into a stylish and sleek Art Déco vista in the 1920’s.

With the eradication of tuberculosis in the late 1970’s, the next generation of Lacerda’s, always forward thinking, breathed new life into it.

Abel and João Lacerda lifted Caramulo to a new international stage by transforming the town into a leading cultural resort—through two museums in 1959. The museum houses some of the most important pieces of automobile history as well as ancient artifacts and original works by the likes of Picasso.

Caramulo continued to grow into the 21st century, with the addition of a high-end hotel in 1996 as well as a spa and wellness centre.

The now world-famous Caramulo Motor Festival, equalled only by Goodwood is Portugal’s biggest automobile event–attracting more than 40,000 punters each year.  The festival was the latest in the line of innovative ventures which keeps Caramulo on the map.

Beyond the automobile activities, Caramulo is also known today for its significant work in the promotion of the arts. The museum’s regular contemporary art exhibitions frequently bring important works of art to the masses.

On the horizon to 2030

The year 2020 celebrates 100 years since Jerónimo Lacerda realised his illustrious dream. To celebrate, the current generation of Lacerda’s, are poised to elevate the town into a leading sustainable hub—in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The outstanding natural beauty, clean air, tranquillity, and mineral water springs deserve to be preserved for future generations.

The vision towards 2025 has already kicked-off with the development of the Caramulo Experience Centre, an exciting venture by the museum to showcase the town's automotive heritage. But Caramulo is not only about cars, we are also diversifying more into the arts, namely artists’ residencies, creative hubs, and incubators.

In line with the EU Smart Villages vision, Caramulo is pushing to create an ambitious zero-waste township, rural health and wellness initiatives, unique senior retirement villages, eco-tourism, rural academic hubs, appeal to digital nomadism, and a lot more as 2030 approaches.

Caramulo has already started to attract capable and diversely qualified residents who are excited and bought into the vision with turnkey investment-ready ventures ready to be actioned.

Are you ready to be part of the latest evolution of this illustrious and pioneering Portuguese town?



We've included a small selection of videos and images that help bring the dream to life. This is our everyday life in paradise. Are you seeing the possibilities yet?